The Clients
Remoterum is a revolutionary platform that helps people on the autistic spectrum find freelance remote work opportunities that fit their skills and needs.
How We Helped
We created the whole brand and website from scratch, as well as custom-made optimistic illustrations.

It's time for a change

There are many of people on the autistic spectrum with incredible talents. Today, most of them can’t bring those talents to the industry because today’s working environment is just not suitable enough for their needs.
But is that a reason why we should give up those talented potential employees? They just need a safe digital working environment & network that will be suited for them. This is what Remoterum is all about.

Creating The Brand

Remoterum brings a wind of change, it’s a giant leap for the occupation possibilities of the autistic society. We knew their brand should be built on the foundation of a more optimistic future.


Some times our brain finds it easier to understand visual data instead of text, this is where icons come to mind. Because icons are meant to make complicated ideas simpler – they need to be light and very straight on point.
We designed minimalistic icons with rounded corners, that will keep information friendly.

An Illustration is worth a Million Words

We used “happy” illustrations to express complex ideas visually and at the same time to make the website more calming and optimistic.

Services Categories

Translation Services

QA & Debugging

Graphic Design

Code & Development

Digital Marketing

Designing A website For a Revolution

The website had to be very simple and clear, our goal was to make both types of our users feel relieved and motivated, in the process of hiring freelancers or providing services as a freelancer, we designed a website that can be easily understandable for both sides

2 Different Personas
2 Different Designs

A big challenge was designing for 2 very different personas, both autistic talents who want to work as freelancers and managers who are looking to hire them. We kept the same visual language, but with a few small – but important changes between the pages.

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