The Process

We believe that high-quality work methods are the key to every project’s success. Through the years we’ve developed our process is based on fundamentals from sports, efficiency, and collaboration. The process is built from 7 steps that we teach designers around Israel.

The 7-Step


The Hero Framework

Your website should take users on an adventure. Using a storytelling script developed by writers in Hollywood, we get inside your users’ shoes and create an emotional journey that will lead them to convert.
Project Goals
Storytelling Script
User Personas
Visual Concept


First Impressions

Every big adventure starts somewhere. The first step is all about getting to know each other, understanding how can we help your ideas come to life, and forming a plan to get your business a win.
First Meeting
Project Learning
Pricing Offer


Human Driven Design

Good design makes users feel. Our design is based on emotional triggers which are built precisely for our users’ persona and their deep brain decision making. This means our design not only looks great, but will generate results.
Design Triggers
Emotional Thinking
Visual Rules Creation
First Sketches


Development Setup

Our homepage’s kick-ass design is ready for building with the help of Elementor. This step is about developing the website’s fundamentals and making sure everything is ready for intense development.

WordPress Setup
Homepage Development


Speed Building

We love Elementor, and Elementor loves us back. Step 5 is an intense sprint using a design & build method. We find this to be the most efficient way to build websites.
Design & Build Method
Inner-Site Development



Your website is your most valuable digital asset, so we need to make sure it not only performs well, but also keep it safe from unwelcome guests. Before finishing up we optimize its performance and set basic SEO details.
Loading Speed Optimization
Basic SEO
Final Touches


QA & Handoff

Your voice is heard throughout the whole project, but this is when we sit down and discuss the last adjustments before closing. There are always bugs – we will find and fix them. Last but not least, we teach you everything you need to know about managing your site with WordPress and Elementor.
Last Adjustments
WordPress & Elementor Workshop
Finish Line
The team was flexible, super creative and had 24/7 service. They lead the creative process from beginning to end and delivered an outstanding outcome.
Eyal Rittberg
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