What Is Human Driven Design?

The most accurate selling technique is face-to-face selling because it allows us to change our strategy according to the feeling we get from the person in front of us. So how do we sell to the masses online? Simply – We need to understand who they are, how they operate emotionally, and then design precisely for them. That’s Human Driven Design.

Putting People At The Center

The Deep Brain

The oldest part of our brain, the Croc-Brain, is based on the very first emotion we get from something and is the deepest, source of our decision making.
Complicated? Imagine yourself in a clothing store, and there’s one shirt that you’re instantly attracted to. When you check it out, you see it’s more expensive than you thought, but you still convince yourself to try it on anyway, right? That’s because your Croc-Brain was triggered from the first moment, and you can’t resist it no matter what.
In order to make users connect to our product, we need to trigger their Croc-Brain.

The team was flexible, super creative and had 24/7 service. They lead the creative process from beginning to end and delivered an outstanding outcome.
Eyal Rittberg
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