The Mars Mission

The Clients
The Mars Mission sents human research and commercial missions to mars.
How We Helped
Ido designed a website that won 2nd place at Elementor showoff 2019.

In A galaxy Not that Far away...

I wanted to design an experience that will make users feel part of the dream of humans on Mars
I was always fascinated by Mars.
When I thought about what website I wanted to create for Elementor Showoff it seemed natural to create an experience that will connect people to a dream I’m part of.
Ido Laish
Founder & CEO at Win

Creating A Journey in Space Vibe

I looked deeply at what our brain sees when we picture ourselves in space.


Emphasizing the Void in Space

When we think about space it’ll always look very blank (as in reality). We’ll imagine nothing is surrounding us except for a random satellite or a shining planet.
To get this “void” effect I chose a solid black background color and used a lot of whitespace. This way everything is far from each other and has no distractions.


Futuristic Look & Feel

We see a lot of movies, and that’s where most of our knowledge about space is from. Space will always seem to us as futuristic – everything will look like it just came from the newest sci-fi movie.
I chose a modern, clean, minimalistic design concept as well as making the website very interactive – I wanted users to feel like they’re on the first row in the journey to Mars.


Floating in Space Feeling

Floatation experience is always part of our imagination about space travel – we’ll picture ourselves moving and objects are moving around us. To get this effect I created a smooth, light parallax with Elementor’s amazing feature – Motion Effects.

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